We Believe

We believe the quality of the instruments is in the instruments themselves - not in their boxes. We find ribbons and frills do not add value to the health or wellbeing of cats, dogs, horses, and animals you care for. When you decide not to compromise on the care we become your friend of thought.


We produce high-quality medical instruments without costing you for boxes, ribbons, or stamps. We stand for the premium quality of materials and craftsmanship. 


"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution." William A. Foster


MediVET-Tools is a 100% Australian family-owned and operated company, providing Veterinary Diagnostic Instruments and Instruments Set to Australia and the USA through resellers and dealers. We started in 2017 with a passion to provide veterinary market quality products at affordable prices.


Our customers have benefitted from our outstanding industry knowledge and our ability to consistently provide high-quality tools. We help our customers get more out of their annual budget and save considerable time and effort.


Our values guide our business plan, market needs may change, but our values endure. Our values are purity of intention, hard-work, quality, value, and the best customer service.


We take pride in what we do and we are dedicated to providing the quality, value, and the best customer service.





Our Products

Premium quality Spay Surgery Kits, Veterinary General Surgery Kits, Veterinary Otoscopes, Conventional and Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes are our major products.


Every instrument is surgery kits is made of surgical-grade stainless steel, Ergonomic Design is comfortable both for quick and extended usage. Scissors and Hemostatic Forceps have Bigger finger rings for easy handling.


Tungsten Carbide Needle Holder and Scissors are more durable and last longer than stainless steel instruments. Corrosion-resistant instruments are crafted to exacting tolerances and rigorously tested for function and reliability.


Our Laryngoscopes provides better illumination, durability, and a secure grip. Blades have a smooth design and Matt-finish to eliminates reflections Direct and Fiber Optic Otoscopes have cool LED light and lit the examination area with no reflections. Our Otoscope features a Scratch-resistant glass lens.


Our tools are of premium quality. We offer the best value. We take care of our customers.

MediVET Products



Our Quality

MediVET tools are specially designed tools for specific procedures. Quality is one of the key factors of our tools.


Raw Material
Raw material plays a vital role in surgical instruments; we use high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel. Our tools last longer without losing their shape and functionality.


Surface Finish
Surface finish is important to prevent rusting and easy cleaning before and after use. MediVET tools have matt-finish. Tools are hand polished for durability.


Ergonomically Design
Our tools have Ergonomic Design and comfortable both for quick and extended usage.


Smooth Operation
Working of our tools is nice and easy. Mechanical joints are clean and smooth.


Passivation is a process that prevents rusting. Our tools are Passivated and rust-resistant.


We promise if an instrument has any manufacturing defect, we will provide a remedy. Warranty against manufacturing defects.


Pattern Consistency
We follow a strict dedication to pattern consistency and quality inspection at each of the manufacturing steps. Same great quality each time and every time.


Performance Quality
Our tools perform with precision, consistency, and reliability and deliver superior performance quality.


MediVet provides quality instruments that are cost-effective. We offer the best value in terms of quality, functionality, performance, safety, reliability, durability, and customer service.


Certified conformity
Our tools are certified to meet all the acceptable provisions set out in the directive 93/42/EEC according to Annex VII.


Peace of Mind
Being an Australian supplier, will provide the best quality tools at an affordable price and offer the best customer service.


We are your stable and reliable business partners. Welcome to MediVET-Tools

MediVET Premium Quailty Surgical Instruments